Are You a Sales 2.0 Company?

All sales professional will tell you: Call calling is really hard!

Sales 2.0 is about increasing sales productivity and velocity.

Sales 2.0 technologies, tools and techniques are revolutionizing the relationship between salesperson and customer. The age of cold calling is over, and a new era of smart selling that uses social media to inform sales communications is rapidly taking over. (Sales 2.0 LLC) [link:]

Smart Selling 2.0 is about sales people identifying “trigger events” through business intelligence sites and social networks of targeted companies. A trigger event reveals a prospective sales opportunity and leads to the stakeholders making the buying decision. 

Business intelligence is delivered through numerous sources including corporate Facebook and YouTube accounts plus the many business sources such as API, WSJ, Business Week and many others. 

Social intelligence analysis reveals actionable insights about the stakeholders, such as needs, preferences, biases, relationships and more.  These targeted individuals can provide new insights through Twitter, Linked IN and personal blog sites. 

Sales 2.0 technologies and tools empower sales people to identify trigger events, quickly assess opportunity and create a plan to pursue a sale with the right people and the right time. 

 According to the Aberdeen Group (, many companies employing Sales 2.0 innovations are experiencing measurable top line revenue gains exceeding 35%. 

Ultimately, a properly implemented Sales 2.0 plan with 2.0 technologies will improve the effectiveness of the sales force and enrich the quality of leads in the sales pipeline.

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