Our Mission

Busfeed is a leader in Sales 2.0 innovations. 

Our mission is to serve the community of 12 million sales professionals with tools to overcome many of the challenges when selling in today’s economy.  We are staffed by top performing sales professionals with collective experiences building sales territories, winning new business and consistently exceeding quota.  Together, we bring fresh insights and innovations to making sure Busfeed remains a leader and our customer’s winners.  At Busfeed, we are all committed to your success.

For sales reps, Busfeed 2.0 is bottled lightning!

Busfeed blends best-in-class business intelligence with leading social networks to provide sales reps with actionable informational for indentifying high-value prospects, contact information and insights for aligning a value proposition to a customer’s needs.  And, it is all in one convenient location.

A company’s sales intelligence magnifies with Busfeed 2.0.

Through its proprietary online search, sourcing and filtering capabilities, Busfeed 2.0 is a leader that is empowering sales people to be more successful. 

Companies leveraging Sales 2.0 tools are experiencing sales increases of 35% or more according to a major study by the Aberdeen Group.  (link www.aberdeen.com)

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